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I designed my first website way back in 1996. This website has operated ever since, selling computer training materials to training organisations and has sold to over 60 countries.

The company has operated continuously without ever employing a single sales person.

This illustrates the power of a well written website that gets found by the major search engines. It does not matter how pretty your website looks if nobody can find it.

If you are serious about your website, let me teach you how to optimise your own website so that it gets found in Google.

There are many website design companies that will knock up a website for less than $200, but you tend to get what you pay for.

I have a proven track record and I teach you the same SEO techniques that I use to promote my own websites.

I started delivering SEO training courses in 1996, two years before Google was even founded!

I started my group of companies in 1996 and have never used any sales-people and never used the Yellow Pages. Because of my fantastic internet presence, I have sold to thousands of customers in over 60 countries.

I have been delivering SEO seminars since 1996, two years before Google was founded and can show you the same simple techniques that I use to get my own websites found.

Outsourcing your SEO may be dangerous and can potentially devastate your search engine ranking as the practice of buying in links, used by many SEO companies is a good way to get your website banned from the Google search engine results altogether. In fact, Google specially warns you not to buy in links. If you don’t believe me click here to see Google’s own advice on their website. Many SEO companies subcontract offshore, and the quality of the work done can be patchy to say the least. Do the work yourself and you know it’s done properly!

Also, beware of SEO companies that offer a guaranteed first page Google position, as often what they actually guarantee is what is called a ‘long tail search phrase’ that nobody will search for in the real world, and consequently, will not bring you any additional business, which at the end of the day is the whole point of SEO. An example of a totally useless long-tail search phrase would be something like David Murray’s very own SEO training company in Perth

Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars per month to an SEO company when you can learn to do it yourself. Anyone can do this, and we have taught regular tradesmen and professionals with no prior web marketing experience and many have achieved truly spectacular results.

However, we offer no guarantee of success. It is up to you to consider the advice we offer and properly implement it according to your particular situation. Again, Google specially warns you to avoid using website promotion companies that offer worthless guarantees. At the end of the day Google is an independent company, which makes regular subtle changes to the way search results are displayed and it is unreasonable for any third-party company to try and offer a guarantee of first page positioning.

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